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Thank you for considering a donation to our "Sponsor a Horse" Program. To donate through PayPal, click on the horse you would like to sponsor, making a note on which horse you would like to sponsor. $132/month sponsors a horse in full, but any donation is welcome. To donate by cash or check, contact us directly.


Taylor is a 15.3 hand American Quarter Horse Registered gelding who is easy on the eyes! This stylish redhead steals the hearts of all his riders and handlers. Taylor enjoys warm afternoons at the round bale and is built to eat! If you would like to sponsor Taylor please click on the sponsor link below.



Ellie "Gator" as she is warmly referred to is an American Quarter Horse Registered mare. Don't let her small size fool you at 14.3 hands, she has a BIG personality. Ellie has a heart branded on her and her's is a big as they come. She loves all her people!



Apache is a Tobiano American Paint Horse. He is 17 years old and has the prettiest blue eyes. He's a slow walker which makes it perfect for some of our clients who do not have good core strength. Apache is new to our program and still making friends within our herd.



Buddy is a 12 year old Palomino American Quarter Horse. He came from Finney County Feeders and still has a fast working walk that is smooth as can be. Buddy could care less about people petting on him but is always prepared to work when he comes into the arena for lessons. His past life in a feedlot made him quick on his feet which is perfect for our riders who are working to riding independent. 



A beautiful Appaloosa, Suede stands tall at 15 hands high. His unique markings make him one that shines out in our herd. He is always willing to talk to whoever will talk to him. Just like Bubba, he loves attention from his riders.



A shorter, sorrel American Quarterhorse, this 10 year old horse comes from a cutting background. Another working horse that is great for independent riders. He is quick on his feet when asked appropriately. Like Taylor, he enjoys afternoons in the sun at the round bale. 



A light fleabitten gray, Twister makes the perfect therapy horse. His short stature and choppy gate provides a lot of impulsion in through the riders body. He has been apart of Miles of Smiles for several years now and knows how to make his riders work for what they want. 



Virgil, another flea-bitten gray that is a little darker than Twister, is a stock retired rope horse. He is another American Quarterhorse and is 18 years old. Twister and Virgil look alike and you can often find them hanging out together. This pair of non related brothers are a fun team to ride!