Sponsor A Horse!


Thank you for considering a donation to our "Sponsor a Horse" Program. To donate through PayPal, click on the horse you would like to sponsor, making a note on which horse you would like to sponsor. $132/month sponsors a horse in full, but any donation is welcome. To donate by cash or check, contact us directly.


Nancy, Nancy, Nancy!  Wow were we lucky to have had this sweet girl arrive late 2020!  She was donated by the Douglas family here in Garden City, and we are over the moon excited for her first lessons coming up in the spring of 2021.  Nancy has a sweet disposition, and unlike most mares, is completely fine with hanging out with the boys in the pasture.  We can't wait to see her in action!



A shorter, sorrel American Quarterhorse, this 13 year old horse comes from a cutting background. Another working horse that is great for independent riders. He is quick on his feet when asked appropriately. He enjoys afternoons in the sun at the round bale and is always the first to come up to greet you at the gate.



Virgil, a flea-bitten gray, is a stock retired rope horse. He is another American Quarterhorse and is 19 years old. Hope and Virgil look alike and you can often find them hanging out together if they are both out to pasture.  We call them the Romeo and Juliet of the barn :)



Annie is our super spunky girl and maybe more bossy than she should be!  She is an 19 year old sorrel mare and was donated by a wonderful family from Colby, KS.  She has enjoyed hanging with the boys in the pasture and is fitting in perfectly with the other horses and our riders!



Hope is our smallest and most loveable equine friend measuring in at only 13.3 hands tall!  She was donated from an amazing family in northern Kansas, where she was a star barrel racer!  Hope looks almost identical to our Virgil, except half the size.  She has the kindest disposition and is always the first to come up for extra loves and pets!  



Caddy is our newest friend here at the barn and was donated by one of our instructors, Caitlin.  She is a 26 year old and Caitlin grew up riding her and rodeoing with her.  She has the sweetest snuggles and will go for hours during lessons if we let her.  We are definitely excited about Caddy joining our team!