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  • Miles of Smiles Therapeutic Horsemanship provides a safe and caring environment for people with cognitive and physical disabilities to develop lasting relationships with horses

  • Our team of certified instructors and volunteers are dedicated to helping riders reach their highest potential

  • We offer a variety of programs tailored to individual needs and abilities, including therapeutic riding, horsemanship classes, and special events

  • Our horses are chosen for their patience and understanding, creating a safe and supportive environment for learning

  • Through our program, riders can experience physical, cognitive, and emotional benefits, such as improved coordination, increased confidence, and increased self-esteem

  • We strive to make riding an accessible and enjoyable experience for all, regardless of age or disability

At a Glance

Miles of Smiles Therapeutic Horsemanship is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with cognitive and physical disabilities through the power of therapeutic horsemanship. Our team of passionate volunteers and certified instructors provide tailored, individualized care and instruction to ensure each participant's success. Our program combines the physical and psychological benefits of equine-assisted activities and therapies to address the individual needs of our participants. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, where individuals can learn, grow, and reach their full potential. Our program seeks to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of our participants, and their overall well-being. With our specialized knowledge and support, we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on the lives of our participants.

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